Tips to Choose Exhaust Canopy for Commercial Kitchen

An exhaust system is very essential for a commercial kitchen like a restaurant or a bakery. A good exhaust system removes the smell and smoke from the kitchen. For a restaurateur, selecting an exhaust canopy can be a daunting and confusing task because of the multitude of options to choose from. Some people focus only on price and end up making a mistake by choosing from exhaust canopies that do not filter the sir properly, consume more energy and need maintenance and repair more often.

Some key considerations for making a choice can be:

  1. Height of mounting and size: When you are selecting an exhaust canopy, you must choose the size per the layout of your kitchen. You must weigh the area and understand the space taken by other appliances. In an ideal setting, the canopy must cover the complete area that is taken by the appliances. This will prevent grease and smoke from settling on the other appliances. The mounting height must be proper and appropriate for the effective functioning of the exhaust.
  2. Design of the canopy: It is very important to choose the right design of the exhaust canopy and this depends on the size of the kitchen, the cooking appliances, and the type of food that is majorly cooked in the commercial kitchen. The most commonly available designs of exhaust canopies are:
  3. Island hoods: These canopies hang downwards from the ceiling and are installed in an island configuration over the cooking appliances. The exhaust volume is the highest in this design.
  4. Double island hoods: These canopies are best suited for larger kitchens that have multiple cooking appliances in the kitchen.
  5. Wall-mounted hoods: These are mounted on the wall, over the cooking appliances. These are larger and hence require more exhaust volume as compared to smaller ones.
  6. Design of the ventilation: Smoke and grease when allowed to build up in the kitchen can become a health hazard from the personnel in the kitchen space. Hence, the kitchen becomes one of those spaces that need the best ventilation system. When it comes to a commercial kitchen, an unpleasant odor can lead to loss of clients and hence the business. Therefore, a canopy which provides good ventilation is needed in the commercial kitchens. A canopy that provides good ventilation will remove maximum grease, odour, and smoke from the kitchen. Exhaust rate and makeup air are two important factors to look at. A kitchen where there is more heat, grease and smoke needs a higher exhaust rate. The unit for exhaust rate is CFM or cubic feet per minute. The fresh air that replaces the air removed from the kitchen is called makeup air and is responsible for removing odours and restoring the air quality in your commercial kitchen.

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