Stainless Steel Benchtop

Queensland Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops Supplier

Typically, Stainless Steel Benches are used in commercial kitchens. This is primarily because the hygiene levels have to be maintained at very high levels in these spaces. The benchtops at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens are made with high-grade stainless steel and designed to perfection and engineered in an expert manner. Today, customers across Queensland contact us for all their requirements related to benchtops and exhaust canopies, etc. We provide versatile, durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions that are ideal for all types of commercial kitchen settings.

Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Why choose Stainless Steel Benchtops

Stainless steel is a very hygienic, non-porous material that can easily withstand the direct heat of all the heavy pots and pans that are used in most commercial kitchens. It is the perfect material for these settings and most chefs prefer this as a countertop material. Just take a look at why it’s so popular:


As mentioned earlier, this material has very good durability (like granite) and it’s even more durable than laminate, acrylic or engineered stone. It is corrosion, stain and UV-resistant and doesn’t chip or crack in the manner that concrete or stone does. With constant use and wear and tear, it will develop some scratches, but you can get those polished away every few years.

Easy to Clean

Stainless Steel Benchtops don’t have any joints or gaps and are non-porous too. This surface can be safely bleached and even the textured surfaces are a breeze to clean, and your staff will find it’s easier to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. We can fabricate countertops in any shape & style, and since there aren’t any holes and cracks in which food can get lodged in, you are able to keep a much cleaner & healthier kitchen.

Sound Resistant

Some people feel that having a steel countertop will be very noisy, especially when tenderizing or chopping meat. However, there is a solution for that too. It can be attached to a wooden substrate, which makes it sound-resistant.


These countertops have a very modern look and they look great in kitchens of any style. As a matter of fact, many commercial kitchens that have a traditional look will have stainless steel benchtops on account of the convenience factor. It’s easy to fit stainless steel sinks in these Stainless Steel Benchtops and this seamless look adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Range of Textures and Finishes

There was a time when this material was considered to be “boring” and “industrial”. It’s true that it has a slightly industrial look to it, but there is absolutely nothing boring about it. When we fabricate Stainless Steel Benches for you, the range of textures and finishes are sure to make your kitchen look stylish and unique and you can create the kind of look you want. Since we customize these Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops as per your specifications, we can work with your designers if required and create the best solutions for even those tricky and odd-shaped spaces. While many establishments prefer the smooth, polished surface finish, many of our customers also opt for the subtle textured finishes.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops – The Right Care

It’s very easy to care for and maintain these benchtops. The surfaces only have to be wiped clean with soapy water & a non-abrasive sponge. When you are cleaning these surfaces, work with & against the grain. You can occasionally apply a thin coating of stainless steel polish and the excess should be immediately removed. You then just use a dry, clean towel to buff the polish into the countertop surface; this will add to its sheen and keep them clean too.

When you take care of these features, they will last you for decades. If you are looking for durable, versatile, convenient and cost-effective solutions for Stainless Steel Benches in Queensland, call A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens at (07) 3888 7534. You can also contact us via this online form.