Custom Stainless Steel Kitchens Brisbane

The best designs for your kitchen

No one designs and installs domestic or commercial kitchens better than A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens. We are masters of designing and installing kitchen utilities and have made hundreds of ideas a reality for our customers. Speed wells, custom curved bars with ice wells, simple sinks etc. we have designed and installed it all. We follow a simple philosophy- if it is on the drawing board then we can build it and install it. By utilising the latest technological processes and high quality raw materials, we produce products that last long and require little to no maintenance during their lifetime.


Great variety and great quality

We are simply the best service providers for commercial and domestic stainless steel kitchen utilities. However our expertise is not limited to steel. We deal with all sorts of metals like brass, copper, aluminium to name a few. Our years of experience and expertise with handling metal enable us to give you the perfect products for your kitchen that you could only wish for. From the raw material to the equipment we ensure that quality is never compromised and this is what enables us to deliver the best quality products to our customer. All the professionals at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens are highly skilled & trained, and are certified by various government agencies for their work.


Give your kitchen a makeover

Industrial and modern designs have become a preferred choice for most of the modern homeowner. Metals are an integral part of such a modern kitchen and stainless steel is the most desired option in this case. If you are looking for a professional service provider to help you in giving your kitchen a modern makeover then A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens will be the best option for you. We have over 12 years of experience in modelling and designing and can create some of the most eye catching and appealing design for commercial and domestic stainless steel kitchens.


If you have any queries regarding our services or the products that we have to offer, you can always call us on 07 3888 7534.  If you wish to get answers to your queries via email then feel free to write us at