Exhaust Canopies

We at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens are experts when it comes to exhaust canopies. We have a track record of building and installing hundreds of these over the years which gives us immense experience and know how. Our prices are the most competitive in the market that enables us to deliver the best products at affordable rates. We have installed everything from the most basic canopies to masterpieces made of stainless steel with vents for air flow.

Why should you hire us?

Apart from our expertise, we offer you the highest quality products made from the best quality raw materials. They are durable, sturdy and last for many years from the day of installation. Achieving proper ventilation inside a commercial kitchen is a challenge for many because of the huge requirements of air flow that needs to be circulated in the area. Our products are designed in such a way that you get proper exhaust and replacement air through the custom duct work that we install for your kitchen. Your cooking area will never be better ventilated after we do our magic with your exhaust canopies. Our construction, maintenance, overall design all work like together to give you the highest efficiency and the right balance of air moving in and out of your kitchen.

Benefits of hiring us

Since our stainless steel canopies are manufactured and installed by well trained and experienced professionals you will get the following benefits from day one:

  • Extremely low risks of kitchen fires.
  • Great saving in energy bills.
  • Better smoke and odour management systems.
  • Cleaner kitchens with minimum food contamination chances.
  • Improvement in your government ratings post inspections.
  • Better compliance with fire and other regulations.

The best thing about our custom exhaust canopies is that there is minimum blockage in the ducts for free movement of air in and out of the system.

For better management of kitchen air contact us today for a free quote. If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to call us on 07 3888 7534. You can also send us your enquiries through email at info@a1customstainless.com.au.