What Should I Look for in A Kitchen Range Hood?

The kitchen is the bright spark at your place. While searching for the best for your kitchen, it is hard to miss the highly-functional kitchen range hood. Kitchen range hoods are ideal devices that remove the smoke, grease, and cooking smell out of the kitchen. Hence, it is an essential commodity to keep the kitchen’s environment clean and highly workable.

Using a kitchen hood at your place can be the best decision of your life as modern kitchens are incomplete without them. Markets are flooded with highly-acclaimed products that tend to be ideal for your daily use. Whether you’ve to cook, fry, or steam, a range hood is the next need after your cooking skills. Let us help you with the best buying guide key pointers that ensure to make your exhaust canopy’s purchase smooth.

  • Size: Kitchen hood works in coordination with your stove or cooktop. Thus, it is important to match its size with the accessory down below to ensure efficient operations. It is best to go on your hunt for a kitchen hood with accurate measurements of your cooktop or stove only. This helps you to buy the just-right product within your budget range.
  • Type: There are different types of exhaust canopies. You can go for any of these according to your requirements. You can choose from the under cabinet hoods, island hoods, downdraft hoods, and wall-chimney hoods. These types are based on the placement of the kitchen hood and its supporting accessories. Placing it alongside the walls or putting it under the cabinets, all work according to your kitchen interiors and appliances’ location. If you don’t want any structure over the roofs, you can go for the downdraft kitchen hoods that operate on the floor buy creating reverse suction.
  • Air Flow and CFM: Kitchen hood’s job is to extract the air from your cooktop. Hence, it is important to check the airflow of your device as it determines the efficiency of your kitchen hood. You have to benchmark the CFM or cubic feet per minute before purchasing a kitchen range hood for you. It is dependent on the exhaust motor of your kitchen hood.
  • Speed Control: Using high power at light functions is as bad as using low power for high functions. Thus your kitchen hood should have different speed features to match the versatility in your kitchen usage.
  • Noise Levels: Including a noise creating kitchen hood can be the worst experience of your life. Thus, you have to keep a check at the noise levels as it is due to the mechanical parts of the kitchen hood.

Quick tips:

  • Try to bring harmony in CFM and noise levels of the kitchen hood.
  • Look for additional features like light, emergency alarms, etc.
  • Consider your architect before installing a new range hood.


Range hoods are available in different types, designs, and features. It is highly recommended to choose it based on size, types, and features like speed control, airflow, and noise levels with affordability at the center.