How to Set Up a Healthy Kitchen?

We all know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. What does come to your mind first when you think of good health? Man is made up of what we eat. Hence, having a rich and nutritious diet is a must for everyone irrespective of age and gender. Just like you can’t pray in the untidy prayer hall, it is impossible to cook healthy in a filthy kitchen.

With most commercial eateries moving to best health practices, it is equipotential to implement the best kitchen habits at your place. Out of all of the features, exhaust canopies are one of the best implementations to ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Some of the other best methods to set up a healthy kitchen cover:

  • Arrange your appliances: Set your kitchen appliances in the best pattern of use. You can line up juicer, toast makers ahead while keeping the big appliances after the smaller ones. This will inculcate easy access at all times.
  • Repair the worn outs: Don’t keep faulty appliances in your kitchen. This will decrease the health standards as leftover food can spread a bad smell. Don’t compromise on kitchen range hoods as they are on the duty of keeping your kitchen environment clean and healthy.
  • Indoor herb plantation: You can plant the best herbs like oregano, cilantro, basil, etc. in your kitchen only. Adding a little of these herbs to your drinks and dishes will give you the best organic nutrition.
  • Set up your pantry: The arrangement of your pantry is ideal to ensure the supply, requirements, and usage of your food. It is best to set your pantry according to the expiry date to ensure safe items’ usage. Incorporating the best healthy items can raise the food standards at your place.
  • Keep your refrigerator organized: The refrigerator houses the perishable kitchen items. Hence, it is vital to keep it clean and organized at all times. Don’t keep the items for a long time that affects the nutritional worth of the eatables.
  • Proper lighting and ventilation: Proper lighting over the cooktop ensure the best environment for cooking. Ideal ventilation with a proper exhaust system is a must to maintain the healthy environment of your kitchen.
  • Efficient plumbing: The drainage of the wastewater and faucets for freshwater should be separated from each other to prevent contamination. Always go for closed drainage to avoid smell issues and pests entry in your kitchen.
  • Pest Control: Ensure zero-tolerance for pests like flies, cockroaches with the best exterminator services. This prevents the entry of disease-causing germs and viruses along with pests.
  • Regular cleaning: Just like any machine requires scheduled maintenance, your kitchen can’t survive without a regular cleaning regime. The best appliances and kitchenware is in dire need of proper cleaning.


It is of utmost importance to cooking in a healthy kitchen. While an exhaust canopy is highly useful for a clean kitchen environment, the early adaption of other eating habits is a must. Multiply your kitchen experience by practicing the best healthy habits.