How Much to Renovate a Kitchen?

How much to renovate a kitchen

Kitchen upgrades are among the most popular renovation projects and it is also one of the most satisfying home remodels. The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home and a fresh and unique look of the kitchen will give you a lot of comfort and make your kitchen more functional. With a good remodel your kitchen becomes a compelling epicenter of the home and increases the value of your home.

But when you consider a kitchen renovation some questions will crop up in your mind like how much will you need to spend, how much can you afford and what to expect from the remodel.

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

Although the exact cost of remodeling a kitchen depends on various factors and choice that you make, reading this piece will give you some idea of what to expect. According to a study published by Houzz, a large kitchen renovation’s median cost is $20,000 whereas that for a small kitchen is $12,000.

The exact amount that you need to spend depends on your budget and the reason of making the upgrade to the kitchen. If you are opting for only basic functionality upgrade, there are many DIY packs available. On the other hand, if you are planning to make a kitchen of your dream that you have been craving for while you flip through home improvement magazines, then sky is the limit. Thus, the exact cost will vary depending on the level of upgrade and design you are aspiring for.

The estimate that you will get on various online sources will not include the cost of white good, so while chalking out your entire budget you must include the cost of white goods. You must also create a balance between the appliances and hardware like cabinetry. High-end appliances in a kitchen with low quality cabinetry will stand out awkwardly.

If you are upgrading your kitchen before you put the property on sale, you must create a kitchen than appeals to a wide range of potential buyers. Try to go for simple color palettes and classy looking cabinetry. Most buyers look for good kitchen and bathroom in a property they intend to buy, so make sure your kitchen upgrade suits the property type and the locality.

While you are planning your budget, you must keep aside about 20 percent for unexpected and unplanned needs. Some unexpected surprises can be very expensive such as water damage or electrical circuit issue. It is also important that you stick to your budget and your plan as the renovation project progresses. Adding additional features can instantly shoot up the expenses and this will lead to a domino effect of inflating your budget.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen but don’t want to spend a bomb there are several inexpensive options to choose from. You can choose laminate flooring, add paint to the existing cabinetry or add functionality with stainless steel benches. Look for these money-saver options without compromising on the quality so that you get the kitchen of your dream!