Kitchen Design, How to Get The Perfect One

Kitchen design

When you undertake a kitchen remodel work, you for sure would aspire for one of those dreamy kitchen designs that you see in magazines. You want the result to be nothing but perfect. With so many choices and decisions to make be it stainless steel benches or the color of laminates, the whole process can become quite overwhelming so here are some essentials with which you can create a perfect kitchen.

1. Start with the big picture in mind

You must start evaluating the current landscape and reviewing the elements of the kitchen. Also, look at the whole home as one entity and analyze how the kitchen relates to the adjacent rooms. You can then create drafts of different layouts so that the final result does not come as a surprise.

2. Plan the use of space

While planning the layout discuss details of how you use each space with your contractor. For instance, your morning routine, your use of the cooktop, or the need for separate stations for baking, juicing will define the layout.

3. Make clusters

The concept of the kitchen triangle has been in use since the 1940s. As per this concept, the refrigerator, sink, and stove make a point of a triangle and for the highest efficiency, they must be at a certain distance from each other. However, today the idea of clustering works better. Experts suggest sink, stove, and prep counter can be one cluster while refrigerator and pantry can be one cluster.

4. Contain the chaos

In the kitchen, there are multiple sources of potential chaos. There is water, one can slip. There is fire, which can be risky for tiny tots. Therefore, the sink and stove must be away from the walkway. Create a small designated area where people can linger around but not step on the toes of the person cooking.

5. Choose materials wisely

The final choice of materials depends on your personal preferences and your budget. You must bear in mind that no material will maintain its new sheen and look forever. So, choose the materials wisely, after proper research and discussion with your contractor.

6. Rethink the lighting

A kitchen looks best when it is washed in natural daylight, so it is wise to plan a layout that allows you to leverage the natural light and the outside views. With the modern fixtures of lighting, you can add a very contemporary and unique look to the kitchen.

The success mantra is to take cues from the architecture of your home so that the renovated kitchen makes sense as a part of the home. It should not be a complete mismatch from the rest of the house. You must try to create enough storage space with quality cabinetry and enhance the functionality with elements like modern kitchen range hoods.

Keeping the above essential elements in mind will help you plan your kitchen upgrade better. It is important that you plan your budget and then stick to it as the project progresses. Choose a reliable and experienced contractor who can deliver the job as per your expectations.