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Is A Range Hood Necessary?

Range hoods collect the odors generated due to cooking, moisture and airborne grease. While this is the basic functionality of all range hoods, they are all created differently and have a different mechanism of air purification. They make the process of cleaning easier as they remove the contaminated air from the cooking stove which is the primary source. Some kitchen range hoods are designed to channel all unpleasant odor and unhealthy smoke out from the kitchen and some work on recirculation of air after cleaning it using filters and fans. The law of the land does not mandate installing a hood, however you must think well and then decide whether to keep or forgo the hood in your kitchen.

Different types of hoods:

  1. Ducted or vented hood: If you cook very frequently in the kitchen a ducted hood will help you in removing the polluted air from the kitchen by pushing it outside. A point to note while installing this type of hood is to make sure that it ends outdoors and not in a closed space like an attic.
  2. Ductless hood: This type of hood has a charcoal filter and a fan. The charcoal filters the air and removes odor, smoke, and grease. The filter needs to be replaced regularly for the good efficacy of this hood. In comparison to the vented hood, the ductless hoods are not as effective. The installation process of ductless kitchen range hoods is easier and they are more affordable.       
  3. Downdraft system: These systems are built-in as a part of the range and are often placed on the stovetop very near to the burners. A lot of users say that this system pulls the heat away from the cooking stove.

Benefits of using a range hood:

The below benefits of using range hoods prove why these are an essential component of the kitchen and why you must take a wise decision while choosing for or against them.

  1. Improved air quality: This is the most important role and benefit of a hood. It eliminates the pollutants, odor and potentially toxic gases from the kitchen. This purification of air also reduced the possibility of germs, mold and bacteria growing in the kitchen.
  2. Removal of excess heat and moisture: A hood removes excess heat that is generated during cooking and makes the cooking experience more comfortable. This makes the kitchen a little cooler and you can also save money on your air conditioning.
  3. Adds to the beauty of your kitchen: A hood when properly selected gels well with the overall design of the kitchen and becomes a part of it. An elegant hood adds to the appeal of a kitchen.
  4. Provides additional lighting: The interiors of the hood have additional lighting for illuminating the cooking space. However, different designs of hoods have different lighting. The high-end models have a wide array of designs and effects of lighting.

If you are planning to install a hood in your cooking space and need any information about it feel free to reach out to us at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens. You can give us a call on 0438 007 040.

Simple Tricks to Clean Stainless Steel

clean stainless steel

Stainless steel equipment is a favoured option for lots of houses. This is due to the fact that stainless steel’s soft finishing integrates well with the majority design as well as provides the kitchen area and bathroom with a modern, sleek look and feel. Additionally, stainless steel is very well recognized for its strength against rust and heat, due to its protective covering. Nevertheless, it is never stainless from water areas, lines;  as well as fingerprints. For that reason: it is essential to clean and preserve stainless steel appliances to keep them looking their very best and endure longer. Cleaning stainless steel equipment or appliances can be a DIY task, for sure. However, you can work with a professional for a hassle-free task. Below are methods on how to keep them shining

Fundamentals of Cleaning Stainless Steel

  • conform to the grain when cleaning up. Stainless steel comprises of a whole grain that runs both horizontally and vertically. It is suggested to follow the grain whenever polishing and cleaning the appliance for further shine.
  • stay away from steel wool, abrasive scrubbing pads, as well as other hard scrubbing materials. These kinds of abrasive components can harm the protective level of the appliance, generating the steel below to be susceptible to damage. A micro-fibre cloth will work best when cleaning up stainless steel appliances as it digests as much water as possible as well as does not scratch the area.
  • Do not utilize products that include chemicals and chlorine that are caustic to stainless steel. These products corrode the steel making it inclined to grime.
  • stay away from exceedingly hard water when cleaning up. Hard water can allow for mineral build-up as well as a streak.

Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

There is a range of products as well as techniques to polish and clean stainless appliances. Following are techniques you can polish the appliances:

1. Making use of mixed of vinegar and olive oil

This easy blend of vinegar and olive oil will be able to polish and eliminate limescale and rust to flawlessness.

  • place white vinegar in a spraying bottle
  • sprinkle onto the area. You can additionally employ the vinegar onto a microfiber fabric
  • rub in the way of the grain
  • as soon as clean, put some drops of mineral or olive oil to a microfiber cloth as well as polish in the way of the grain. In case extra oil stays, wipe away with a clean fabric.

2. Making use of mild dish soap as well as water

  • utilizing hot water and moderate dishwashing fluid, wipe in the position of the grain.
  • wash using a thoroughly clean cloth wet in hot water to help eliminate all soap deposits.
  • Dry it out with a smooth fabric to avoid water spots
  • clean with a little amount of olive oil or baby oil

3. Commercial stainless steel cleaner

You can additionally take advantage a particularly designed cleaning device to polish and clean your stainless steel appliances.

  • apply the product on the appliance then let it soak for up to a couple of minutes
  • clean with a polish non-abrasive fabric
  • make certain to follow the guidelines written on the item considering the cleaners may differ

Stainless steel appliances are terrific as well as never get outdated. And with the techniques and methods above, you can take them polish and shining, and increase their lifetime. In the event that you are planning to include stainless steel Brisbane kitchen bar in your home, turn to the masters of designing and installing kitchen utilities that have made hundreds of ideas a reality for many customers, that is  A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens.  If you have any queries regarding our services or the products that we have to offer, you can always call us on 07 3888 7534.

Minimizing The Risk of Grease Fires in Your Business

Set up fire suppression systems

An automated fire suppression system stimulates in the occasion of fire. As soon as activated it protects the nearby region with fire or water quelling chemical substances. As a result of of this, a fire suppression system is amongst your best protection against fire. Nonetheless, these systems do require maintenance. With no regular servicing, systems can come to be less reliable or even unsafe. So make sure that your system is constantly examined and maintained by an expert service-person.

Keep fire extinguishers & fire blankets within simple reach

Whenever a grease flare-up occurs, you or your personnel might have only moments to take action. By controlling the fire early on, you may end it from dispersing further. For this reason it is important that fire blankets and fire extinguishers are close to you.. There are a range of regulations pertaining to the kinds of fire blankets and fire extinguishers needed by commercial kitchens. There are additionally requirements for maintenance and storage.

Sustain your electrical equipment

Worn wires and damaged wires is frequently difficult to spot, particularly if it is behind hefty equipment or storage objects. Frequently it will take pro-service-person to precisely evaluate and successfully rectify electrical issues. That will make maintenance of electrical systems a necessity.

Prepare your members of staff for fire

A lot of your fire avoidance hardware is just as good as the individuals running it. If your staff members are not skilled and well-informed about what to do during a fire, then equipment might not be utilized efficiently. To protect yourself from issues in an emergency circumstance, make sure that your employees understand how to perfectly use fire blankets, fire extinguishers and other devices. It is in addition worth pinning easy, user-friendly guidelines close to fire-fighting equipment. This will assist your staff members to end the fire ahead it spreads.

Immediately clean up spilt grease

When oil spills, have it cleaned out by staff members immediately. Oil remaining on floor surfaces, wall space or work surfaces could be incredibly unsafe. Not simply is it a fire threat it can additionally trigger falls and other work environment incidents. You have to make it a rule of thumb within your kitchen space – whenever there is a spillage, clean it up right away!

Have a fire plan

it is still essential to develop a fire plan, should in spite of these safety standards, a fire occurs. A fire plan requires to consist of a simplified list of guidelines that workforce can conform to (if likely) contain the fire. Apart from directions on how to evacuate staff members and customers, emergency exits must also be well noticeable and well recognized.

Install Exhaust Canopies

Achieving proper ventilation inside a commercial kitchen is a challenge for many because of the huge requirements of airflow that needs to be circulated in the area. We at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens are experts when it comes to exhaust canopies. We have installed everything from the most basic canopies to masterpieces made of stainless steel with vents for airflow.

You do not have to be worried about our quality of service—we have a track record of building and installing hundreds of these over the years which gives us immense experience and know-how. In addition, our prices are the most competitive in the market that enables us to deliver the best products at affordable rates. For better management of kitchen, air contact us today for a free quote. If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to call us on 07 3888 7535.

Stainless Steel: How It Can Achieve Sustainable Designs

Stainless Steel bench

Stainless steel happens to be an extremely favoured building material. It is found in the structure, coastal works, landscapes, as well as interior design. Steel is most likely the most typical building material utilized all through the industrialized world since the Iron Age. This has massive durability, is long-lasting, can be formed and built into compelling varieties. That will make steel an appealing material inside our current chronological age of becoming environmentally friendly and decreasing the carbon dioxide impact. Stainless steel, specifically, features the quality of corrosion level of resistance. With the clean finishes, it entails essentially no repair. Although steel is a perfect material for a number of building works, its eco-friendly quality helps it be much more attractive to architects, designers, and artisans. The following are some of the features of using the services of steel, in particular stainless steel, as it pertains to its sustainability:

  • Recyclability

Stainless steel is a reusable component that can be repurposed. Each of the steel extracted from a bulldozed building can be remanufactured and found in brand new construction. There are reduced waste and less to be tossed into landfill sites.  This standard has a very good influence on the setting. There are important savings in energy expenses and pollutants when repurposing steel into new elements. The organic iron ore reserves are restricted. Picking the ore calls for costly removal techniques and eco-friendly harmful mining procedures. Reused steel applications lower energy to improve;  cleanse, and form a new shape. It must be noted that the force of the steel is not  affected when it is reprocessed

  • Strength and Longevity

With stainless steel’s significant durability, it is an even more lasting material than timber and other materials for building. This consists of architectural elements, façade shades, roof coverings, and installments confronted with water. Stainless steel is sturdy and long-lasting adequate to endure high winds, snowfall, rainfall, and even seismic forces when designed correctly. Stainless steel features anti-corrosive qualities and will not yield to decay or experience air pollutants with ease. Stainless steel is also an even more fire-resistant material than several other metal building elements. Energy savings &  quality of air The most recent development in building exteriors are what are called rain displays. To put it simply, these are energy efficient building covers that feature an insulation system, air or moisture space, and a protective facing. These safety external layers are frequently made out of stainless steel sections. This type of creating cover enables the expeditious elimination of moisture. Building interior spaces end up being dampness free in high humidity weather, warmer in cold temperatures, and cooler in warm weather.

  • Construction Speed

The modification and lead durations help you plan a project and to assemble quickly. This is particularly so for the laser fused, customized profiles. Laser fused profiles are accurate and are effectively put together as soon as they show up on the job site, both with field welds or technical fasteners. The outcome is a lesser amount of field labor as well as fewer carbon pollutants. It is very little to no trimming or waste. Energy consumption and building and construction times are decreased.

If you are curious to find out more about the sustainability and other advantages of using stainless steel for your designing and building materials, you can consult with stainless steel service providers like A1 Stainless Steel Bench. There are so many options for you to trust for building your products using stainless steel bench in Brisbane, however, we are committed and dedicated to giving the best service for you! Give us a contact for a free quote!

The Variety of Uses of Stainless Steel

stainless steel bench

There are numerous advantages to picking hardened steel for use in overhangs, customer-facing facades, and scenes. It is a perfect metal for use in circumstances where an introduction to the components is of concern. Give us a chance to take a gander at a portion of these advantages.


When planning passageway shades, designers and specialists are searching for imaginative structures that are tastefully welcoming, solid, sturdy, and ready to withstand cruel climate conditions. Compositionally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) is one material component that is picking up in prominence for shades. It is accessible in a few standard shapes and custom profiles, just as in an assortment of treated steel combinations, for example, duplex spotless.

Exactness laser combined segments delivered by Stainless Structurals are especially alluring for use in uncovered structures. These have clean lines that carry tastefulness to numerous engineering ventures. Customization of shapes and profiles enables fashioners to convey special ideas to structures that will assist them with standing out. A portion of the laser combined profiles utilized in shades incorporate modified or standard bars, channels, edges, tees, and cruciform segments.

Retail facades

With cutting edge innovation in the treated steel industry, engineers and other structure experts are amped up for the conceivable outcomes with regards to customer-facing facade frameworks. For this application, laser combined tempered steel is fundamentally stable, thin, appealing, and erosion safe.

Customer-facing facades are facade dividers with passage entryways that are built of vertical and level confining with a lot of glass region for normal light. These basic frameworks are built to keep the components out of a structure while as yet seeming light and open. Tempered steel customer-facing facade frameworks do only that with thin confining profiles and huge regions of the coating.

The characteristic characteristics of impeccable profiles settle on them a decent decision for customer-facing facade applications. They are impervious to erosion from the downpour, synthetic compounds, and poisons. The material is amazingly simple to keep up with just the need to intermittently spotless or clean it delicately to reestablish the common completion. Our pure areas are accessible in an assortment of completions.


Unmistakably tempered steel is a standout amongst the best items to use in circumstances where the material is presented to the components. Notwithstanding shades and customer-facing facades, pure is broadly utilized in scenes. Designers are frequently settling on the decision to utilize impeccable as opposed to different metals because of its erosion opposition, low support, stylish characteristics, and lightweight for simplicity of vehicle and establishment.

Treated steel does not effectively rust nor does it stain. Tempered steel composites contain a characteristic covering that forestalls oxidation. It is conceivable to have scene components that are in contact with the earth, direct daylight, and dampness. The material plays pleasantly with brickwork to make lovely scenes.

Impeccable is incredible on the grounds that it tends to be verified to concrete or set in the ground without its stress setting or consuming. This is a piece of the reason architects like working with it for outside undertakings. It additionally keeps up its completion properties very well with little upkeep.

There are such a significant number of approaches to fuse uncovered hardened steel in scenes, which include skimming stairs, handrails and gatekeeper rails, drinking fountains and other water highlights, porch furniture, light apparatuses, sculpture, and junk repositories

There are so many options for you to trust for building your products using stainless steel bench in Brisbane, however, at A1 Stainless Steel Bench, we are committed and dedicated to giving the best service for you! Give us a contact for a free quote!